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two friends ran into each other at a party after promising to write music together four years earlier. in their last week of college, evan and fallon wrote should’ve known better to keep that promise. the two continued to collaborate from opposite sides of the country and far places was born.

far places is an la-based indie songwriting duo. their infectious hooks and emotional songwriting have contributed to the success of tracks such as in my head and ride. far places has gained millions of streams and has appeared widely on spotify’s global viral charts. with fans from toronto to taiwan, the band continues to make music that transcends geographical boundaries.

music & lyrics / fallon Bridgeland & evan Chambers

 photos by jon sams, brandon m young, & emily acosta.



full to the brim with poignant, intricate, enticing lyricism, far places’ debut ep out of touch represents an undeniable triumph, proving distance a conquerable barrier”
— http://atwoodmagazine.com/fpot-far-places-out-of-touch-ep-premiere/
‘out of touch’ is one of the most superb releases you’ll here in this (electronic pop) vein during 2018
— http://www.theindiesource.com/cnt/3019/Far-Places--Out-of-Touch/

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